Company Description

Off-Grid Europe is a provider of commercial, plug-and-play and containerised off-grid solar systems.

We provide renewable energy technology, which fit their unique environment as well as the local availability of renewable energy sources. Integrating renewable energies into the global energy mix through intelligent stand-alone systems, can help to address the energy needs of off-grid areas all over the world. 

With the Off-Grid Power Container that runs off solar power and contains our own tailored and smart software solution, the Off-Grid Controller, we have developed a holistic system that can be shipped from our headquarters in Germany to communities or industries all over the world. 

Apart from that, we aim to constantly improve the different components of our Off-Grid systems and strive to prospectively expand our efforts in research and development. Innovation is at the core of Off-Grid Europe and an integral part of this company moving forward.

Job description

Role brief

Off-Grid Europe are looking for a highly motivated, independent, driven and aspirational Sales Manager to join the Off-Grid Europe/ Off-Grid Africa sales team. We are looking for people who can understand complex systems, identify opportunities, create and maintain business networks in a high level sales environment. Our clients are international businesses, governments and organisations and you have to understand like it is your second nature, how to navigate this business landscape.

At the same time we will expect you to have a very detailed technical knowledge of the systems, including batteries, inverters, PV systems and software. It is essential to be able to discuss technical details on a face-to-face level. Our clients are normally highly technical and require a great attention to details, you must be a meticulous and organised person.


About you

  • Speaking/written minimum fluent French, English, conversational German
  • 5 years minimum in the solar industry with experience in energy storage, system sizes 100Kw to Mw scale, AC distribution grid architecture
  • Degree in Engineering, Science or other sort of academic background is not essential if you are self taught. What is important is that your product skills must be the equivalent of a highly functional engineer.
  • Willing to travel extensively, sometimes in challenging conditions and to challenging parts of the world, where our clients are located
  • Great understanding of software, management information systems, finance and business planning


About the role

Tasks will include, but not be limited to, identifying and applying for suitable tenders, writing proposals, heavily involved in bringing new OGE solutions to the market, managing pipeline and activities in online CRM platform, strategic planning, liason with internal teams.

We offer a competitive salary/bonus structure, our market has a lot of potential and we are opening up serious business opportunities, which call for serious sales managers. Off-Grid Europe is based in Pfullendorf Germany and Dakar Senegal, we are currently looking to open up more offices the next few years.

You will work from Pfullendorf, Dakar, from where-ever your flight is taking you and from home. We are flexible and modern in our approach to meetings, working conditions. We strive for people to have a great working environment, based on mutual trust and common goals.

If you think this is for you, the job is available with immediate effect.

Please, submit a CV and cover letter to to be evaluated. We apologise in advance that we can not reply to all applications at present and look forward to you demonstrating to us what an awesome sales manager you are!

The Off-Grid Europe team


As soon as possible