Company Description

Okra is a plug & play hardware + software solution that allows smart pay-as-you-go microgrids to be created by connecting existing off the shelf solar panels and batteries.

Okra mesh-grid design allows for grids to start small, with more panels and batteries able to be added to the grid to increase capacity as demand increases. Remote monitoring keeps grid operators informed so they can eliminate blackouts, adapt to variations in demand and identify exactly where and when the grid needs scaling. Each household is metered and charged using mobile payments, meaning families without bank accounts can easily access affordable power, for the first time.

Job description

Role brief

Using our mesh-grid IoT, Okra is the most flexible, rapid and affordable way to deliver renewable energy to 10s of millions of households who are currently in the dark. We need a Regional Sales Manager who dreams big and delivers quickly to get this tech into the hands of the developers who can use it to rapidly race towards 100% global electrification.

We’re looking for someone who has strong networks in the energy access industry. Particular markets you will be focused on are Nigeria and West Africa. We’re looking for somebody who has relationships with AFDb, the World Bank and the REA while understanding appliance financing and the nitty-gritty of commercial models that need to work to run profitable last-mile energy businesses on the ground. It’s not just about knowing people, it’s about knowing how last-mile energy businesses operate and making sure they’re sustainable and scalable. We’re looking for someone who is already trusted in the industry to build trusty long term relationships. Someone who can bring in a plethora of developer partners and identify creative opportunities to accelerate the distribution of a novel technology that’s solving last-mile energy access.

As Regional Sales Manager, you will work to bring in new high-value contracts. You will manage key stakeholders including DFIs, regulators and executives amongst project development partners. You will also help build rapport between key stakeholders amongst our partners with your supporting account management team. You will be responsible for driving strategies for sales and new market entry.

We are looking for a super networker, but we are also looking for someone diligent and focused on setting ambitious targets, willing a team of enthusiastic colleagues to come along for the journey and ultimately not settling until the job is done and deals are closed. Because ultimately, that’s what’s going to bring more power to the people. Being a part of a small team will give you the opportunity to be part of key strategic decisions that will determine the future of the entire company.


About the role

  • Networking and managing relationships with energy companies, regulators, DFIs.
  • Deal structuring and negotiation.
  • Reporting to Okra’s board of directors.
  • Creation and execution of commercial documents and contracts.
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement.
  • Working with the executive team to drive sales strategy.


About you

  • An energetic, articulate and passionate communicator.
  • Ability to be an honest level-headed, honest, partner for all of our stakeholders.
  • Tenacious deal maker with a scalable mindset.
  • KPI focused on someone who sets targets and drives to hit them.
  • A data & process-driven mentality.
  • Pragmatic and able to find solutions when deals get tough.
  • A tough negotiator who sees the big picture fights for the best deal and knows when to walk away.
  • Detail-oriented, basically part lawyer.
  • A context sponge.



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