Company Description

Trama TecnoAmbiental (TTA) is an international consulting and engineering SME active since 1986 and based in Barcelona, Spain. Its main specialty is distributed renewable energy generation combined with energy management and efficiency in developing regions. In rural electrification, and particularly microgrids, TTA has been involved in studies, policy, deployment and capacity building in over 60 countries.

TTA’s team has international and cross-cultural experience at technological as well as institutional levels, including regulatory, financial and social aspects. Projects have been done in Europe, Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania and Asia. Clients include governments, multilateral and bilateral institutions (WB UNDP, UNOPS, UNIDO, UNESCO, IDB, OLADE, IRENA, IEA, EC, AECID, and others), NGOs, local communities, individuals, private developers, contractors, electric utilities etc.

TTA was awarded the EUREC Technology Prize 2001, “for developing excellent system technology for rural electrification based on renewable energy sources, combined with an innovative, user-oriented approach for its implementation”.

In 2015, TTA was awarded with the Prize “Off-Grid Experts Awards” by the company Off-Grid Phaesun together with ARE, for excellence in the performance in the field of Off-Grid power supply, in the Category A “Product” for its “Electricity Dispenser”, a Smart Meter for microgrids.

Job description

Role brief

TTA is seeking a Projects Coordinator and Rural Electrification Expert to join TTA’s Africa Regional Unit. Under the supervision of the Africa Unit Team Leader, the candidate will champion project coordination and be a key senior manager within TTA’s Africa Region Unit. You are passionate about rural electrification being already an expert in this area, and you want to pursue a career in the rural electrification sector in Africa.

The selected candidate is someone who enjoys coordinating a team, promoting a fruitful and motivating work environment among team members, and can thrive in a complex HR environment, with internal and external human resources dedicated to one or several projects. You will be directly responsible for the effective and timely delivery of the work done by the project teams under your supervision, and of the outputs of the work to reach the objective of the assignments within the budget and time complying with the highest quality standards. You will also be a key interface between TTA’s clients and TTA’s Africa team.

Supervision and review of documents, reports, simulations, Excel sheets and others will be a “common routine” on a weekly basis for this role. For some of the projects, this position also requires “to be a consultant”: i.e. produce project outputs such as technical reports, periodic reports, simulations, analytics, and others.
The nature of projects will be related to sustainable energy and rural electrification, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, mini-grids and energy access, and will deal with different kinds of aspects such as technical, socio-economic, regulatory and institutional.


About the role

Project Coordination and Project Management Skills:

  • Effective, efficient, and timely coordination of regional projects in West and Central Africa as required, the project portfolio will range from 3-6 projects depending on duration, complexity, HR involved and budget.
  • Project management:
    • Control project timelines and budget, lead project teams and follow-up with them and lead the client communication as the main interface for some projects.
    • Responsible for scheduling internal and external meetings, follow-ups with teams and any other required task.
  • Team management:
    • Manage and control the time spent by each Human Resource, to ensure projects are delivered within budgets and financial targets.
    • Additionally, the project coordinator is expected to decide, along with the Africa Unit Team Leader, the HR allocation to each task/deliverable as per their capabilities and suitability and task load.
    • Develop methods and procedures for the team to work effectively and sustainably.
  • Prepare project deliverables:
    • Prepare technical reports and other deliverables required by the project in a timely manner with the highest standards.
  • Field missions, travel to project sites when required.
  • Objective:
    • Increase the margin of the project, satisfaction of the client, and coordinate and follow-up invoices and payments to allow a comfortable cash flow to the company.
  • Continuous improvement:
    • Give the best feedbacks of experience to improve the procedures of the company and suggest to the Africa Regional Unit Team Leader how to implement improvements.


  • Owner’s engineer:
    • Advisory services to Institutional and private Clients on project development, operation, and tender preparation and construction.
    • Review and evaluation of technical and financial proposals by contractors including provision of support in the negotiations with winning bidders, coordination of grant disbursements and provision of technical assistance to the winning bidders.
  • Feasibility Studies:
    • Conduct Project identification, Project Development, Pre-feasibility Study, Feasibility Study, Demand Study/Load Profile, Needs’ assessment and data gathering, Techno-economic analysis, Social, Environmental, PPA, Net Metering, etc.
  • Financial and business models and delivery schemes:
    • Carry out or review institutional framework analysis as well as financial and economic models, Business Model, Tariff Setting, Revenue stream definition Client Policy, Funds mobilisation, Costing.
  • Institutional, Policy and Regulatory Support:
    • Develop strategic and planning documents in the field of sustainable energy, policy and regulatory frameworks, tariff setting among others.
  • Capacity building:
    • Prepare and deliver trainings for public and private stakeholders.

Business Development:

  • Support business development:
    • Develop opportunities and good relationship with clients within the current projects to get extension or new contracts.
    • Support the Africa Unit Team Leader and the Business Development department in identifying and preparing proposals as needed (up to 25% of total time).


  • Support the Africa Unit Team Leader in strategic decisions for the Africa Unit, in particular:
    • Attendance in important, strategic webinars and conferences.
    • Participate in prospective calls with potential clients.
    • Help identify priority countries or regions for the medium- and long-term strategy.
    • Identify BD opportunities within countries TTA is working on.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance:

The PCC is someone who pays attention to details while considers the “big picture” at the same time and ensures quality throughout her/his work in reports, work plans, emails and any other output coming out from TTA Africa Unit. Fluent written English is required, and it is expected that the selected candidate will conduct the necessary spelling/grammar checks in each report and email that comes out.


About you

  • Educational Background: 
    • A Master´s degree in engineering, economics or similar is desired.
    • Specific education in renewable energies, energy efficiency and management, sustainable energy and/or energy access will be an advantage.
  • Previous Work Experience: 
    • Minimum 8 years of experience in energy is required. Minimum 5 years of experience in rural electrification is required, at least in some of the relevant key-aspects, like technical or regulatory framework, among others. Experience in clean-energy mini-grids is desirable.
    • Previous experience in consultancy and project management in sustainable energy is required.
  • International Experience: 
    • Experience in Africa is required.
    • Experience with multilateral or bilateral development agencies is highly desirable.
  • Languages: 
    • Fluency in French is mandatory and fluency in English highly desirable.
    • Fluency in Spanish and Portuguese will be an added value.
  • Computer Skills: 
    • Excellent command of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel is required.
    • Experience with simulation software i.e. HOMER, PV SYST is desirable.
  • Interests: 
    • Passionate about sustainable energy, especially rural electrification; Motivation to travel internationally; Strong interest in development.
  • Skills:
    • Strong team-coordination skills: ability to organise and control tasks and to promote a motivating work environment.
    • Expertise in negotiation processes with clients and local partners.
    • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Problem-solver, pro-active and results-oriented.
    • Analytical skills, efficient designing and implementing of processes.
    • Methodical and well organised.
    • Ability and proven experience to think creatively, learn quickly and develop innovative solutions in complex socioeconomic environments.
    • Cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills.



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