Company Description

Off-Grid Europe is a provider of commercial, plug-and-play and containerised off-grid solar systems.

We provide renewable energy technology, which fit their unique environment as well as the local availability of renewable energy sources. Integrating renewable energies into the global energy mix through intelligent stand-alone systems, can help to address the energy needs of off-grid areas all over the world. 

With the Off-Grid Power Container that runs off solar power and contains our own tailored and smart software solution, the Off-Grid Controller, we have developed a holistic system that can be shipped from our headquarters in Germany to communities or industries all over the world. 

Apart from that, we aim to constantly improve the different components of our Off-Grid systems and strive to prospectively expand our efforts in research and development. Innovation is at the core of Off-Grid Europe and an integral part of this company moving forward.

Job description

Role brief

Off-Grid Europe are looking for a super motivated and highly technical full stack programmer, to work closely with the CTO and bring our software and firmware development forward at a rapid pace. This is a small company and you must be an active coder along with an excellent team manager/team player, leading from the front. This job is not for the faint hearten, you must be skilled above and beyond, a super fast learner, strong decision maker and a team player.


About the role

  • Deep understand our existing Node.JS, React.JS, Meteor application with MongoDB and InfluxDB, various linux distros and command line programming.
  • Deep understanding industry of communication protocols between industrial machinery.
  • Deep understanding of cyber security.
  • Manage and develop our IOT portal and embedded linux gateways using Raspberry PI, KVM servers, cloud computing.
  • Identify resources necessary to maintain a good IT infrastructure.
  • Ideally a good understanding of IOT hardware such as breakout boards, PCB design, electrical circuits and how they work in IOT devices.
  • Ability to take full responsible for the strategy and management of our web-shop, our CRM, ERP, databases, communication infrastructure working with our team members.
  • Manage projec planning and system design discussions and organise programmers work using Atlassian/Jira, bitbucket, confluence and other tools like GANTT charts etc.
  • Ability to manage freelance programmers remotely.
  • Ability to recruit and find excellent programmers for specific tasks across multiple technological disciplines.



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