Company Description

Sagemcom is a manufacturer in the forefront of innovation and a leading EPC and O&M contractor, offering smart infrastructure solutions for the electrification of populations in developing countries and the greening of existing power grids.

Our end-to-end modular electrification offer is based on solutions to extend existing grids, mini-grids, pico-grids and solar home systems that enable power utilities to meet the needs for electrification in all the areas that they service.

Everyone benefits from having access to reliable and sustainable energy: businesses can grow strongly and households can enjoy healthier, safer and more comfortable living conditions.

Job description

Role brief

Sagemcom is a ground-breaking technology integrator in telecoms and energy. Sagemcom’s teams all over the world continuously strive to innovate on their various markets and are committed to delivering made-to-measure and responsible solutions every day that meet the needs of telecoms operators and utilities.

Today, our Group is:

  • The worldwide N°1 provider of broadband solutions (Internet boxes and the associated software services)
  • The worldwide N°1 provider of audio-video solutions (4K video hubs and the Video Sound Box)
  • The leading European provider of smart grid solutions (smart meters, smart grids, rural electrification, IoT)

Sagemcom posted €2.26 billion of revenues in 2021. The headcount of 6,500 employees works in more than 50 countries. With more than 40 million products shipped worldwide every year, Sagemcom strives every day to honour its commitment to societal and environmental responsibility, as part of its continual improvement policy. This is the reason why Sagemcom became a “mission-driven company” at the start of January 2022.

Do you want to join us?

Sagemcom is looking for job applicants in R&D, business, purchasing and support. People who are agile and like to be independent in agile organisations, who enjoy travelling and have their fair share of creativity, will achieve self-fulfilment in this industrial group that manufactures high-technology products!


About the role


  • Booking transactions, including analytical allocation.
  • File and classify supporting documents.
  • Bank reconciliations and correspondence.
  • Cash inventory and reconciliation.
  • Determine cut off transactions for an accurate closing.
  • Reconcile intercompany accounts.
  • Establish the annual financial statements with the external auditor.
  • Monitor the payments to creditors/banks.
  • Inventory of assets and stocks.
  • Prepare monthly accounting reports: rep conso + rep creance + reg gestion.
  • Cross-check forms of invoices according to the taxes and Liberian law.

Tax, legal and customs:

  • Ensuring permanent legal and fiscal follow-up.
  • Analysing and interpreting tax legislation.
  • Engagement with a tax advisor.
  • Prepare and review tax returns.
  • Ensure compliance in regard to internal financial policy and regulation.
  • Assist in tax and customs inspection.
  • Ensure tax and customs compliance.
  • Reconcile tax returns and financial statement.
  • Ensure taxes are paid on time with all receipt, swift copies attached.
  • Ensure all documents are tax compliant.
  • Prepare and send to HQ tax reportings.


  • Reconcile budget and actual.
  • Formulate periodical cash flow projections.
  • Establish and implement internal financial controls.
  • Define key performance indicators.


About you

  • You have a Finance degree (bachelor or Master) with experience in accounting.
  • You have five years of accounting experience.
  • You have good analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to speak French is an asset.



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