Company Description

EnAccess funds open source solutions for energy access. We fund two types of projects: Innovation Pilots and “Moonshot” concepts. Innovation projects create hardware, software, or operational toolkits that companies around the world can use and immediately benefit from. Moonshot Concepts are open-ended research projects that promote new ideas in the industry.

Job description

We are looking for the next leader of EnAccess, a global non-profit organization that supports open innovation in the energy access sector. If you have a proven, successful fundraising experience along with good leadership skills, and the ability to make complicated things understandable, then keep on reading!

The CEO role is a full-time job, though your hours and location are flexible within the broader European and African time zones. As the title suggests, this is a senior-level role and very much not corporate-style CEO. Being the CEO of EnAccess is a lot of hard — but fun — work. It’s like the startup that you didn’t actually start from day one, so while you will skip over a lot of the painful early stages, you will be coming into adolescence and that will come with challenges. We are a non-profit that is proving the impact and importance of open source innovations in energy access, and that is not the kind of role that just anyone could (or would want to!) fill.


In a nutshell, here’s what we want the CEO to do for EnAccess:

  • Raise money
  • Grow and lead the team
  • Interact with and report to the Board of Directors
  • Execute the strategic vision
  • Establish partnerships


About You

You’re the kind of person who can read this twitter thread and think: “This sounds just like me — I am a CEO who doesn’t suck. I should have this job!”

When we started EnAccess it was with the express purpose of saving others from having to “reinvent the wheel.” Not everything in that twitter thread is exactly what we’re looking for, but it’s about 90% there — so we’re going to save some time not trying to re-write what someone else already wrote really well. You are the sort of person that really appreciates this — maybe you’ve even seen that thread before.

You’re also the kind of person who is going to take the time to look over everything EnAccess has done before applying. This job description isn’t going to show you what EnAccess does, or go into huge amounts of detail about our work, because all of that information is on and all over our social media channels in a more unfiltered way — but you already know that. That’s the kind of person you are.

You have enough technical knowledge to review and contribute to all of our open source materials, even if you would not be able to do it yourself. You like technology and are excited about how it can bring real impact to people’s lives and you have ideas about how to get other people to also see that.

You stay on top of stuff. You meet deadlines, you show up for meetings, you pay attention to detail but don’t sweat the small stuff. You aren’t a micro-manager, but are aware that the devil is in the details.



  • This is a full-time position, though you are free to schedule your work in a convenient way.
  • Candidates should want to commit for at least one year, and be ready to show results within that time frame.
  • This position is based in any of the European/African time zones (CET +/- 2h).
  • This will be a job with a largely remote team, and you must have experience working in these sorts of conditions, so you are very comfortable on Google Meet and Google Docs.
  • Fluency in English is required; written English should be at a native level though we love accents and welcome yours to the team.
  • This role is open to all ages, genders, and backgrounds.
  • Report to the Board of Directors — there’s no one else really “above” you on staff.
  • Salary will be based on experience, but we anticipate it being in the US$ 60k-90k bracket, growing over time based on results.
  • Depending on your location, you should either have working rights in the Netherlands or the ability to be hired as a consultant.
  • International travel will be required.


How to apply

Prepare a cover letter and tell us who you are, why you would be a good fit for EnAccess and how you plan to grow it over time. We will really appreciate if you talk about your previous fundraising experiance, and if you can specifically highlight when you secured amounts of over EUR 250k in a single transaction it will really grab our attention.

Your cover letter should be in the body of the email you will send to: 

Your CV can be attached as a PDF or sent as a link — as long as it’s complete and detailed. The format of the CV isn’t very important, as long as it’s not a Word document, since those will be ignored along with cover letters that are not in the body of the email. A good cover letter is what prompts your CV to be reviewed.


31 May 2022