Company Description

Gham Power Nepal Private Limited is a renewable-energy focused social enterprise based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Founded in 2010 by Sandeep Giri, a start-up veteran and co-founder of Logical Matrix (later acquired by Oracle), our initial goals were focused on reducing the burden that excessive power outages (as high as 16 hours a day in dry seasons) posed on Nepal’s urban population. Having installed over 2500 solar projects that cumulatively generate 2.5 MW of electricity, Gham played its part in urban electrification and soon after shifted focus to under-served rural markets by 2013.

We are also the first enterprise to install Microgrid in rural Nepal; the first energy enterprise in Nepal to adopt PAYG schemes; and during 2015’s massive earthquake that killed more than 10,000 with a substantial incidence in rural areas, we were one of the first corporate responders with low-cost, portable mobile charging and lighting devices.

Job description

Role brief

The Agricultural Field Officer will work with the Sales Manager and the Agri-Team as well as end-user farmers to develop holistic agriculture solutions and may have to visit farmers in rural nooks of the country for the surveys and workshops. S/he will be responsible to explore possible opportunities as well as communicate with the MFI partners of Gham Power and participate in field-based activities within the working site. 

The Agricultural Field Officer will report to and work closely with the Agri-Team at Gham Power.


About the role

Agri-Advisory Roles:

  • Maintain regular contact (through field visits, phone calls, and SMSs) with farmers and provide on-site consultation and training to the farmers, and address and discuss farmer’s queries and issues.
  • Conduct necessary surveys, assessment of farms of the connected farmers, and manage the delivery of agri-services from Gham Power.
  • Assist in designing the research works conducted by Gham Power Nepal at the field level and collect the data.
  • Promote and assist in social media networking and procure necessary digital materials from field activities based on the use and necessity of such materials.
  • Identify relevant experts and conduct consultation when necessary to complete the aforementioned agri-functions.

Sales and Marketing Roles:

  • Visit farmers’ fields, communicate with them and organise site-specific campaigns and assist Gham Power in the delivery of products and services.
  • Communicate with the MFI partners of Gham Power, visit the branch office as required, and mediate the operation of activities between Gham Power and its MFI partners.
  • Contact the farmers connected with Gham Power on a regular basis, deliver and receive updates on ongoing activities.
  • Conduct workshops, presentations, and trainings to the MFI partners and facilitate demonstration and on-site activities as required.


About you

  • Candidates with a minimum Diploma in Agricultural Sciences or 18 months (JTA-Plant Science) course are eligible to apply.
  • A good understanding of the agricultural sector in Nepal, especially for smallholder farmers, and a basic understanding of agricultural practices will be valuable.
  • Basic Knowledge of the operation and functions of Microfinance is highly preferred but not mandatory. 
  • Effective verbal communication and presentation skills are highly preferable. 



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