We are pleased to participate as Supporting Organisation of Renpower North Africa Storage - Accelerating Investment and Deployment of RE + Energy Storage Across North Africa.

Renewable energy and storage are becoming more and more interlinked, as RE penetration in the energy mix is rising. Energy storage projects are increasingly being developed in North Africa as new technologies drive deployment and some governments start including storage in their regulatory frameworks.

The agenda will focus on the regulatory framework in the different North African countries, leading and upcoming technologies, green hydrogen as a driver for RE & storage market growth and development, power infrastructure and the financing of energy storage projects in the region.

Options to participate: There are options to participate as delegates, or more pro-actively as partners of the event. If interested, kindly ask for the corporate partnership options to determine the best format of participation.

ARE Members receive a 15% discount on registration of delegates or corporate packages.


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13 July 2023
Rabat, Morocco


Ling Ng

Director of Communications & Marketing

+32 2 400 10 00