Both Mozambique & Angola possess a wide range and diverse renewable energy potential, especially both countries continue increasing the penetration of non-conventional sources of energy into the energy mix. 

Large hydro remains the dominant form of RE generation, but solar, wind and biomass projects are starting to become more attracting and will soon start dominating the market. Electricity access remains very low, and the governments of Mozambique and Angola have each set goals to reach; 60% electricity access by 2025 in Angola, and 100% electricity access by 2030 in Mozambique.

The Renpower Mozambique & Angola – investors 2021 has been designed to facilitate the dialogue among a wide cross-section of energy sector stakeholders – local and regional policymakers, private sector representatives and international experts – gathered to move forward with the resolution of adopting renewable energy to address key challenges such as energy security, energy sustainability and a resilient power infrastructure.

ARE is a supporting organisation of the conference.


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28 April 2021 to 29 April 2021
Virtual Event


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