The DRC has huge and varied energy potential, including 44,000 MW of Inga. The country’s energy deficit is more than 5,000 MW of which at least 900 MW is for the mining industry and 450 MW for the city of Kinshasa. The existing facilities do not enable to meet demand of actual consumers, given the expansion of large cities and demographic growth. Abundant, low-cost and accessible wind and solar PV potential exist in the DRC though. The potential can be cost-competitive even with this optimistic cost forecast for Inga 3, and they are sufficiently abundant to serve as alternative or additional sources to energy generated by Inga 3. While capacity for solar generation is spread in all parts of the country, wind resources are primarily concentrated in the eastern region of the DRC.

Despite the country possesses these prosperous and varied resources for energy generation, the energy sector still needs to address many related problems currently faced.

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