Nigeria has the 7th largest population in the world and growing fast, as a result the supply for Power and Water will need to increase to keep up with the growing demands. With just over 51% of the population having access to power sometimes, the lack of power has been the biggest obstacle for the country to grow. The water sector on the other hand faces similar challenges with 71% of the population having access to safe water, and yes climate is to be blamed, however research shows a much-needed upgrade in the water supply infrastructure.

Power & Water Nigeria Exhibition & Conference offers global stakeholders to access and engage in technical discussion to do on the spot assessment of region’s opportunities in power generation, distribution, renewables, and water & utilities sectors. The exhibition offers an annual platform for buyers to explore & compare innovative technologies from the leading local and international suppliers.

ARE is a supporting partner of the event. 


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Date events
21 June 2022 to 23 June 2022
Lagos, Nigeria