Power Nigeria Exhibition & Conference provides the perfect platform to work towards adopting clean, affordable and sustainable energy solutions. This opportunity provides access to regional markets , insight into the latest innovations, and connects you with various stakeholders.

The free conference also provides credible firsthand information on the latest power solutions in Nigeria such as mini grids initiatives, smart meters, solar projects and the implementation of blockchain within the power sector.

ARE is a supporting organisation of the Exhibition & Conference.

ARE Board Member Prosper Magali will contribute to the session 'Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE) and the forecast role of mini-grids' and share lessons learnt and challenges from rural African communities in adopting renewable energy, and recommendations to stimulate its spread and better realise its potential.


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Date events
25 September 2018 to 27 September 2018
Lagos, Nigeria


David Lecoque


+32 2 400 10 00