Open Africa’s VIP round table event will host key policymakers and stakeholders integral to delivering a clean sustainable future for Africa. 

Conventional utility grids in Africa are under relentless strain. Fossil fuels and the processes required to convert them into energy, present politicians with rising costs which simply aren’t sustainable. Africa has no choice but to move rapidly towards a smarter mix of energy systems & sources (if it is to develop in step with the rest of the world).

60+ invited guests will gain up-to-date market intelligence into relevant policy, technology and funding requirements impacting the region. As well as have the opportunity to directly engage with each other on pro-active solutions designed to accelerate renewable energy adoption. 

Leading representatives from Ministry of Energy (Kenya), Energy Regulatory Commission, GreenCape, KEREA and TAREA are already confirmed speakers at this half-day event.

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Date events
26 February 2019
Nairobi, Kenya


David Lecoque


+32 2 400 10 00