Event Description

With the long-term objective to catalyse progress on SDG7 for India, the workshop will provide an opportunity for project developers and technology providers to share knowledge and latest market developments regarding micro-grid demand side management, productive uses of energy and data management, as well as to find potential partners for existing or upcoming micro-grid projects in India.


10.25 - 10.35

Welcome Remarks

  • Florian Wessendorf, Managing Director, Solar Promotion International
  • Jens Jaeger, Policy & Business Development Manager, ARE
  • Loïc Viret, CEO, Studer Innotec
10.35- 11.25

Decentralised micro-grids to power India’s 21st century rural economy

  • Sukla Chandra, Board Member, ARE & Senior Managing Director, GE Licensing and Technology Investments (moderator)
  • Samit Mitra, Senior Director, Smart Power India
  • Mohua Mukherjee, Programme Ambassador, ISA
  • Pranav Mehta, Chairman, National Solar Energy Federation of India
  • Kumud Wadhwa, Senior General Manager (NSGM-PMU)/National Smart Grid Mission, Ministry of Power, Government of India
11.25 - 11.35

Launch of the Smart Power India Mini-Grid Handbook

  • Cato Sandford, Innovation and Knowledge Fellow, Smart Power India
11.35 - 12.35

Industry consultation on Consumer Protection Principles for Clean Energy Micro-Grids in India

  • Rahul Kumar Kandoi, Associate Director, Smart Power India (moderator)
  • Vijay Bhaskar, Managing Director, Mlinda
  • Sunit Arya, Board Chairman & Director, Mera Gao Power
  • Venkat Rajaraman, CEO, Cygni Energy
  • Munawar Misbah Moin, Managing Director, Rahimafrooz   
  • Nikhil Murarka, Associate Director, Husk Power Systems
12.35 - 13.35

Demand side management to ensure long-term micro-grid sustainability

  • Sasmita Patnaik, Programme Lead, CEEW (moderator)
  • Shyam Sundar Head of Operations - India, Studer Innotec
  • Vijay Bhaskar, Managing Director, Mlinda
  • Satya Prakash Choubey, Associate Director, Smart Power India
  • Gaurav Kumar, Co-Founder & Director, Claro Energy
  • Huda Jaffer, Lead Designer, SELCO
13.35- 14.25

Data-driven business models for 21st century micro-grids

  • Rebecca Symington, Board Member, ARE & Trustee, Mlinda Foundation (moderator)
  • Ashok Das, Founder & CEO, SunMoksha
  • Umang Maheshwari, Associate Director - Innovation, Smart Power India
  • Sameer Darbari, Managing Director - India, ME.SOL Share
  • Debi Prasad Dash, Executive Director, CES-India
14.25 - 14.30

Closing Remarks

  • Jens Jaeger, Policy & Business Development Manager, ARE


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Intersolar India will take place at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.

Date events
28 November 2019
Bangalore, India


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Policy & Business Development Manager

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Policy & Business Development Assistant

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