The Government of Cameroon, through the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (ARSEL), invites you to the International Invest’€lec Salon. This conference and exhibition will focus on realising current and future investment and business opportunities in renewable energy to boost clean rural electrification in Cameroon.

To do so, the Salon will facilitate business partnerships and networking between local and international companies, particularly from the European Union. It will also promote public-private partnerships and dialogue concerning ‘Investment and business opportunities in renewable energy and access to electricity in rural areas’.

The International Invest’€lec Salon is expected to bring together about 250 stakeholders from the rural electrification sector of Cameroon, and an additional 100 from Africa and Europe. At least 75 enterprises (25 from Europe and 50 Cameroonian local enterprises) shall be exhibiting their know-how, experience in clean rural electrification and production line.

This Salon is part of the wider Invest’€lec project funded by the European Union which promotes private investment in rural electrification, through the use of renewable energy. Specific objectives include capacity building for SMEs in view of investment in renewable energy and rural electrification; promoting dialogue and public private partnerships; ensuring the promotion of sustainable private investment within the rural electrification sub sector.



09:30  Session 1: Opening Ceremony of the Conference

  • Opening speech: promotion of investments in the rural electrification sub sector, the Invest’€lec Project
    Mr. Jean-Pierre KEDI, GM ARSEL
  • Support to the private sector, the promotion of access to electricity and the development of renewable energy, axes of European Union cooperation policy in Cameroon
    Mme Françoise COLLET, Ambassador, Head of the European Union Delegation to Cameroon
  • Official opening of the International Invest’€lec Salon and visit to exhibition stands
    Mr. Philemon YANG, Prime Minister, Head of Government

10:30 Coffee break

10:50  Session 2: Institutional and regulatory framework 
Moderator: Director of renewable energy  and energy efficiency (MINEE)

  • The policy of renewable energy in Cameroon
  • Incentives in favour of the development of the business environment and investment promotion towards SMEs
  • Decentralized electricity generation, an opportunity for local authorities within the context of the ongoing decentralization process in Cameroon
  • Second generation agriculture and the challenges of decentralised  electricity generation in rural areas
  • Electricity production using renewable energy and environmental protection


12:30  Session 3: Investment opportunities in the segment of decentralized electricity production from renewable energy sources in Cameroon 
Moderator: General Manager EDC

  • Comparative advantages of the Cameroonian context for investment in decentralized electricity production from renewable energy sources
    Mr. Issiaka FONFATAWOUO, Invest’€lec Project Director, ARSEL
  • Assessment of opportunities for decentralized electricity generation projects identified by Invest'€lec across the national territory
    Mr. Samuel WATCHUENG, Invest’€lec Project Director, EED
  • The expectations of ARSEL from the B2B networking within the context of the Invest’€lec Salon
    Mr. Samuel NYOBE, Invest’€lec Chief of Project, ARSEL


13:30  Lunch

14:00  Session 4 : Renewable energy and rural electrification
Moderator : General Manager of EED

  • Wood energy : A source of renewable energy
    Mr. Didier Hubert, GIZ
  • Experience of a country with a small hydro plant injecting into the interconnected network: Case of Tanzania
    Mr. Jean-Paul LAUDE, Economic and financial expert, Consultant EED
  • Experience of a country with  small isolated systems of hydroelectric  and biomass production units: Case of Madagascar
    Hary ANDRIANTAVY, Rural Electrification expert, Cabinet CEDRE

15:00  Session 5: Restitution of results from the  Invest’€lec Project
Moderator: Invest’€lec Project Director ARSEL

  • General restitution of the results of the Invest’€lec Project
  • Panorama of identified sites


18:00  Registration of participants to B2B networking


08:30  Session 6: Presentation of technology and know-how of foreign and local companies on renewable energy and rural electrification.
Moderator: Deputy General Manager ARSEL

  • Solar technology
    UE/ACP Entreprise
  • Cogeneration turbine
    UE/ACP Entreprise
  • Low power hydroelectric turbine
    UE/ACP Entreprise
  • Electricity network materials HTA and BT
    UE/ACP Entreprise
  • Local fabrication of electrical materials, the wooden pole technology
    Local Enterprise

11:00 Coffee break

11:30  Session 7: Local public-private partnership and funding opportunities for decentralized power generation investments based on renewable energies 
Moderator: Representative of the European Union

Public funding opportunities

  • Rural Energy Fund
  • PNDP

Private funding opportunities

  • Banks
  • Capital investment fund


13:30  Lunch

15:00  International cooperation funding opportunities

  • European Union
  • World Bank
  • African Development Bank
  • French Agency for Development

16:00  B2B Networking

  • Foreign Entreprises / Local Entreprises and Decentralised collectivities

Special meetings:

  • Investment opportunities in the Adamaoua, North and Extreme North Regions and pilot projects
    Indicated zones: Beka-town,  Fotokol, Maga, Yagoua and Kouseri councils, SEMRY


08:30  Session 8: B2B and discussions on specific projects
Moderator: Invest’€lec Chief of Project  ARSEL

Continuation of B2B networking
Local Entreprises, Decentralised Collectivities and Foreign Enterprises

Continuation of specific meetings

  • Investment opportunities in the North West and South West Rigions
    Jakiri and Ndop Councils (North West)
  • Investment opportunities in the West and Littoral Regions
    High Plateau intercouncil Syndicate, Manjo Council (Littoral) and Fokoué Council (West)
  • Investment opportunities in the Centre, South and East Regions
    Akonekye Council (South), Bétaré-Oya Council (East), Deuk Council (Centre), Djoum Council (South), Ngoro Council (Centre)

12:30  Lunch

14:00  Closing Ceremony

  • Adoption of recommendations;
  • Signing of partnerships ;
  • Closing of Salon by the Minister of Water Resources and Energy


08:00  Excursion

14:00  End of excursion


10-13 March, 2015
Yaoundé Conference Centre
PO Box: BP 6064 

English and French

  • Regular conference & exhibition participant fee: 1,000 €
  • Exhibiting enterprises: 325 € / m2 (floor plan, the minimum dimension for a stand is 9 m2provided: 1 table, 2 chairs, electric plug, WIFI, security personnel)
  • Sponsorship: Gold sponsor (22,686 €); Silver Sponsor (15,244 €); Bronze Sponsor (12,195 €). For more details, kindly consult the Sponsorship Package

ARE has been selected by ARSEL as a supporting organisation. To register, kindly provide your name, organisation, position, email, telephone number and address to Ms Ling Ng, ARE Communications and Marketing Officer, indicating what you are registering for.

As spaces are limited, participation will be on a first-come, first serve basis.


Invest’€lec Salon registrants benefit from a 33% discount for first year of membership with the Alliance for Rural Electrification (only applicable to new members). The Alliance is the global business association chosen at the Salon to promote decentralised renewable energy technologies in the developing world.

Date events
10 March 2015 to 13 March 2015
Yaoundé Conference Centre,PO Box: BP 6064,  Yaoundé,  Cameroon