2014 will be a critical year for both the EU and its energy policy. Therefore, Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations and the Development Group will convene a series of three “EU Energy Symposiums” followed by a “High Level Energy Conference” in Brussels in order to discuss various issues related to the multifaceted challenge of the EU energy transition towards a low-carbon economy. The intense discussions held during the series of events organised in 2012 and 2013 (expert seminars and high level international conferences) showed that many questions related to the European Energy Transition towards a low-carbon economy require further in-depth analysis and debate. Therefore, the four upcoming events will address key issues that are currently at the core of the future European energy governance:

  • 1st Symposium: The impact of changing energy patterns on EU competitiveness (30 April 2014)
  • 2nd Symposium: How to finance the EU energy transition towards a low-carbon economy? (11 June 2014)
  • 3rd Symposium: How to foster energy efficiency in the EU? (23, 24 or 25 September 2014)
  • High Level Energy Conference: Designing the right 2030 EU framework for energy and climate policies (3 December 2014)

This forward thinking project aims at fostering an intense debate at the EU level by bringing together the views of the EU decision makers with those of the industry and other energy stakeholders active in Europe.

For more information, please consult the website.

Date events
30 April 2014
Brussels, Belgium