The HOMER International Microgrid Conference (HIMC) presented by HOMER Energy brings together a global community of microgrid experts, customers, project developers, equipment suppliers, financiers and more for the purpose of advancing high-quality, affordable microgrids and distributed energy systems in off-grid, remote, and grid-tied settings.

The conference provides ample opportunities for participants to network, collaborate, and learn about the latest developments in the microgrid industry. Join like-minded thought leaders from around the world to discuss the rapid evolution of microgrids.

Attend HIMC in 2019 and you can expect high-impact business development opportunities that will move you and your company forward in this critical space.

ARE is a supporting association of the conference. 

ARE Members get a USD 200 off.


More information:

Date events
07 October 2019 to 09 October 2019
Cambridge, MA, USA


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Director of Communications & Marketing

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