Renewable and hybrid energy mini-grids hold significant potential for the African energy sector: not only for increasing energy access, but also by enabling the increased use of renewable energy in the continent, with its benefits for local employment and economic development. Mini-grids are technically and increasingly also economically viable modern energy provision solutions in off-grid areas, and the hybridisation of existing fossil-fuel based mini-grids can result in substantial savings – not only for consumers, but also for governments and parastatal utilities.

The EUEI PDF is organising a workshop aiming at raising awareness for mini-grid applications.The workshop objectives included:

  • Share knowledge and experience on mini-grid technologies for applications in Africa
  • Discuss recommendations and tools to improve the policy and regulatory framework for mini-grids
  • Elaborate successful project development processes and operation models for mini-grids

Both policy issues as well as project development aspects of mini-grids will be addressed by international expert speakers and during panel discussions.

The agenda can be downloaded here.

Date events
21 March 2014
Cotonou, Bénin