3GF is an annual summit, launched by the Danish Government, which brings together high-level green growth leaders from governments, businesses, institutional investors and international organisations willing to take leadership and promote concrete solutions for the transition to a green economy. Partnerships between public and private actors are the cornerstone of 3GF’s work.

The unique feature of the 3GF is the way it enables unique and innovative partnerships to be formed, accelerated and scaled. The 3GF 2016 Summit will build on previous work achieved in the innovative and distinctive partnerships that 3GF facilitates. This is driven by knowledge sharing about successful ventures often via new evidence, which in turn sparks further innovation, along with the opportunity for very high level networking giving signals for future direction. The work of 3GF represents an on-going and dynamic process - delivering solutions that can be replicated, speeded up and scaled to truly produce impact.

The 3GF 2016 Summit will feature some of the most innovative systems thinking in the world today, outlining the pathways for delivering transformative solutions. Sharing of new ideas and evidence as well as experience from collaborative partnerships will form the essential deliberations. It is within this intellectually stimulating and very practical context, that the Summit will above all else advocate the need for green transformation - going further than ever ... and vastly faster.


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Date events
06 June 2016 to 07 June 2016