Decentralised energy solutions have been acknowledged by the Clean Energy Package as a key driver to deliver Europe’s energy transition. Directly developed and owned by consumers, SMEs and local authorities, they provide integrated business models reflecting the specificity and needs of each end-use sector: residential, industrial or agricultural. Small-scale clean energy solutions are developed in symbiosis with the local economy, providing jobs and contributing to the dynamism of European territories.

In light of these benefits, the mass deployment of clean and locally owned energy solutions should be at the core of Europe’s 2050 decarbonisation strategy, but how to achieve this? This EUSEW session provided to you by SolarPower Europe, SmartEn, ARE, EASE and I-Distributed PV, aims at showcasing innovative business models and prosumers experiences from the ground, and reflect on the best pathways to drive the  energy transition of key sectors of the economy while creating additional growth and value for European society.


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18 June 2019
Brussels, Belgium
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Director of Policy & Business Development

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