In cooperation with partners ACCIÓ, CEIPIEMONTE and the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, EBTC organised a commercial mission of European companies dedicated to the renewable energy sector.
The EU-India Renewable Energy Mission took place in the framework of the 8th Renewable Energy India Expo. This fair provided the ideal opportunity to present the technological expertise of European companies and to explore possibilities of collaboration and synergies with Indian institutions and local companies.

ARE Secretary General Marcus Wiemann attended Asia’s largest event on renewables as a panellist to further intensify interaction between India and ARE experts with a view to address opportunities for renewable energy based applications and solutions in rural India. With the assistance ofARE Country Manager India Richa Goyal, ARE also joined the EU mission booth and participated in business meetings on behalf of ARE members.

Date events
03 September 2014 to 05 September 2014
Delhi, India