Alliance for Rural Electrification cooperates with Energy Storage China’s Microgrid Workshop in Tangshan

Energy Storage China (ESC) and the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) will co-organise a top level Microgrid Workshop during ESC at Tangshan Southlake Convention and Exhibition Center on 20 September 2018.

ARE is the only global business association in the world focusing on the development of off-grid renewable energy solutions for rural electrification in developing countries and emerging markets. ARE builds on the experience from 150 Member organizations worldwide which represent the complete value chain of renewable energy technologies. ESC is the most influential industry conference and exhibition in China’s energy storage industry - playing a significant role in informing and connecting industry professionals as the country develops a clean, efficient and reliable energy system. ESC focuses on technologies and applications for the energy storage industry, while ARE covers the entire renewable off-grid solutions value chain.

The Microgrid Workshop aims to move the market forward, bringing together thought leaders, energy industry executives and project managers from around the world for intensive networking and information sharing concerning the design, implementation and operation of global microgrid systems. The emphasis is on maximizing the effective use of renewable and distributed energy resources, refining the business model for a range of microgrid applications, and sharing real-world microgrid case studies in both on-grid and remote environments. The Workshop is expected to draw more than 200 professional participants, including industry experts, policymakers, government officials and developers.


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20 September 2018
Tangshan, China


Jens Jaeger

Director of Policy & Business Development

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