85% of energy used in the Asia-Pacific comes from fossil fuels, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. Immediate action to reduce this is required. The public and private sectors will need to do much to accelerate the move to renewable sources if the region is to meet targets, cut emissions and maintain sustainable economic growth. What does this mean for organisations, consumers, and investors in the region? Find out if emissions targets translate into tangible roadmaps for organisations to follow. Explore how countries in other regions will follow suit and what measures are needed to ensure the energy transition is fair.

The second annual Future of Energy Week will take place in person in Singapore and be livestreamed to an online audience of more than 4,000 policymakers, business leaders, scientific experts and representatives of multilateral institutions. Economist Impact will bring together these experts to discuss the status and effects of the energy transition in the Asia-Pacific, along with the region’s role in defining the pace and scale of this global transformation.


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19 September 2022 to 21 September 2022


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