In its upcoming Future of Energy Week, The Economist Events will invite policymakers, energy experts, business leaders, academics and scientists to break down the concept of energy transition, consider the issues that need to be overcome and explore what a change in the energy system means for Asia and the world.

Technological momentum is making alternative energy solutions competitive with fossil fuels on both a cost and performance basis.

ARE CEO David Lecoque will be making the case for DRE in the "Energy democracy: Consumers in the driving seat” session.

More specifically, he will be addressing how quickly we can translate this momentum into a change in consumer behaviour? How is consumer demand influencing the trajectory towards low-carbon energy and will Asian consumers pay for clean energy? What are the opportunities in Asia for consumers to become prosumers, i.e. to both consume and produce their own electricity via distributed energy systems? What does this mean for the private sector? And how can solutions like blockchain technology, AI and IoT support a consumer-centric energy transition?


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04 October 2021 to 07 October 2021


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