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Time: 12:00-13:30, 22 October 2019

Location: COEX, Seoul, Korea

Room: E4 (accommodates 160 people)

Event description

Estimates show that to achieve universal access to electricity by 2030, 40 percent of all installed capacity will have to come from mini-grids, amounting to 210,000 mini-grids, powering 490 million people globally by 2030 for a total investment of USD 220 billion. The private sector will be a key driver in this clean energy transition, offering high quality, cost effective and innovative solutions to reach last mile consumers and to power local economies. At the same time, the public sector also plays a pivotal role in the puzzle, catalysing the clean energy transition in their country via regulations and by de-risking or supporting investments.

The synergies between these two critical actors in the clean energy transition are obvious. By leveraging both public sector and private sector strengths and capital, more projects can be implemented on the ground, ultimately benefitting local populations and local economies.
Keeping that critical realisation in mind, this side-event will debate what types of public-private partnerships are needed to catalyse further clean energy mini-grid investments, especially in the South- and South-East Asian region

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22 October 2019
Seoul, South Korea
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