AFRICAGUA is an international business Forum dealing with water and renewable energy in Africa. The Forum explores opportunities of water and renewable energy related projects on the African continent, while putting potential partners of different origins in direct contact with one another. Canary Islands, with its many companies and entities experienced in this type of endeavor, vocation for renewable energies, and its strategic geographical location in Europe and just a few kilometers away from Africa, provides an ideal meeting scenario for sharing knowledge and generating business opportunities.

AFRICAGUA will become the meeting point for American, European and African companies and stakeholders, with presentation of national and international investment plans and multilateral agencies’ portfolio on water and renewable energies.

ARE is a supporting organisation of AFRICAGUA


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Date events
06 November 2017 to 07 November 2017
Fuerteventura, Spain


David Lecoque


+32 2 400 10 00