The 14th Africa Energy Indaba Virtual Conference will discuss, debate and seek solutions to enable adequate energy generation across Africa. A diverse group of luminaries and high profile speakers will share their real-world insights about the changing energy landscape in Africa. What will be discussed? Explore what is needed to meet the rapidly growing need for energy access in Africa. Learn more about the African market and prospective business opportunities in the energy space; regional integration; the importance of African Power Pools. Learn about disruptive business models, the need for innovative financing solutions, and the impact of Industry 4.0 in the energy sector. Hear more about evolving grid technologies, renewable and cleaner energy, energy storage and energy efficiency.

In addition to providing a platform for the most groundbreaking and diverse energy panels, the Africa Energy Indaba hosts a 2-day energy exhibition where world-class industry organisations demonstrate their commitment to provide the solutions Africa needs to meet its growing energy demands. The Africa Energy Indaba Exhibition is relevant to companies involved showcasing solutions for the benefit of Africa. By participating as an exhibitor you have an opportunity to promote your company to business counterparts, international investors, buyers and governments worldwide. This showcase will provide a platform for companies to demonstrate their commitment to provide the much needed solutions and services that will enable the African continent to embrace the challenges arising from its demands.

The event attracts elite CEOs, high-level executives and Government officials from across Africa and offers a multitude of networking opportunities. The attendees represent an unrivalled combination of industry experts, project developers, financiers, energy users, government officials and energy industry manufacturers. The MarketPlace Business Networking Programme affords all exhibitors and conference delegates the opportunity to meet with other high-level attendees, speakers, sponsors and investors at the event. To participate in the networking activities, register as a Delegate or Exhibitor.

ARE is an endorsing partner of the event.


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Date events
01 March 2022 to 03 March 2022
Cape Town, South Africa


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Director of Communications & Marketing

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