The Government of Myanmar along with key stakeholders from the water and energy industries have strategically planned and announced the “Sustainable Energy and Water Resources Management Week” that consists of two flagship conferences, namely, the 2nd Global Water Conference 2017 and the 5th Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2017 to address the pertinent issues in both water and energy sectors of the country.

With extensive developments in plan, Myanmar targeted to increase an addition of 18,565 MW, with green energy accounted for 61%. The Myanmar National Energy Management Committee (NEMC) has announced a 15 years Myanmar Energy Master Plan to meet the increasing demand of electricity in order to achieve universal electrification by 2030. This plan mapped with comprehensive country direction, list of projects, project locations and execution plans.

The hosting of the Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2017 will once again bring together Hydropower, Solar, Wind, Bioenergy, Nuclear Energy, Clean Coal and Utilities stakeholders comprising policy makers, developers, consultants, manufacturers, investors and financiers from all over 20 countries to Myanmar with the agenda to provide a platform for exchange of information and updates on Myanmar’s presence energy security and access to energy status and development plan of the electric power and green energy sector in Myanmar.

Alongside the conferences is a 4-day International Exhibition showcasing practical and sustainable electric power industry & green energy solutions provider and water & wastewater industry under one roof. In this respect, the “Sustainable Energy and Water Resources Management Week” has been earmarked as one of the impetuses to assist the government in promoting the water and energy agendas, where the national and regional publicity and marketing campaigns are been implemented to intensify foreign and local participations. Participating local and foreign media have assured technology and brand exposure for companies attending the conference and exposition.

The MGES2017 themed ‘Powering Up Myanmar through Green Energy’ will address current status and provide updates on the following areas:

  • Investment Policies and Financing Options for Green Energy in Myanmar
  • Electrified Remote and Rural Areas for Economic Growth
  • Solar As Sustainable Energy Source for Myanmar
  • Optimizing Wind Energy in Myanmar Energy Mix
  • Powering Myanmar through Hydropower
  • Nuclear Energy and Clean Coal Viability in Myanmar
  • Transmission and Distribution Plan for Sustainable Energy Security

ARE is a supporter of the Summit.


More information:

Date events
14 August 2017 to 15 August 2017
Yangon, Myanmar


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Director of Policy & Business Development

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