The main objective of the 5th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop is to discuss the challenges that arise with the integration of high shares of renewables (wind, solar, hydro) into isolated/island power systems/micro-grids in combination with batteries/flywheels and conventional power generators. Finding viable combinations of conventional and renewable energy is one key solution for the efficient and sustainable running of these types of power systems. International experts will convene for the 5th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop to share their project experiences and to detect areas in need of improvement.

As an island grid with a large share of renewable energy, Madeira is perfectly suited to grant a unique insight into the operation of an isolated power system, which makes Madeira the ideal host for the 5th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop.

ARE is an ambassador of the workshop.


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Date events
19 May 2020 to 20 May 2020
Madeira, Portugal


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