HOMER® software has been used to model and develop microgrids in every corner of the world.  This year, HOMER Energy is hosting the 4th Annual HOMER Microgrid International Conference 2016 at Columbia University, New York.

Energy providers are exploring the use of microgrids to incorporate renewable power resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and achieve energy security and independence. The remote, island, and off-grid systems sector is the largest microgrid segment worldwide, but the grid-connected segment is exploding with storage solutions and increased benefits.

Registrants will develop a concrete understanding of the best practices, design tools, and technology strategies for deploying microgrid systems, reinforced by case study presentations of leading deployments throughout the world. Join other professionals from around the country and the globe.

ARE is a partner of the conference.

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Date events
07 November 2016 to 08 November 2016
New York, USA