Mini grids have been identified as a key platform to address critical electrification shortages in Africa. Creating successful mini grid ecosystems beyond pilot projects are now the focus of African governments facing severe shortages especially for their off-grid populations. Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana are just some of the countries with frameworks and supportive policies indicating desire to expand energy access through mini grids. Foundations, donors and organizations are stepping up their financial support for mini grids, eg; in Tanzania alone the World Bank is setting the pace with a $209 million financing for a six-year Rural Electrification Expansion Programme.

Africa can lead the way with plentiful renewable resources, an increasingly tech savvy populations encouraged by the mobile phones technology leap, presence of world class telcos and less incumbent infrastructure to obstruct new models.

Join us at the 4th Africa Mini Grids Summit where we will once again highlight the business case for mini grids in Africa, analysing the mechanics behind various implementation models along with insights on how to overcome the pain points still plaguing the industry. 

Government officers, private sector players and investors will come together to share insights and solutions, case studies and robust panel debates on how to continue developing successful mini grid projects in Africa.

ARE is a Supporting Organisation of the Summit.


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Date events
21 March 2018 to 22 March 2018
Nairobi, Kenya


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