Reliable, cost effective and sustainable solutions for decentralised renewable energies exist and are being implemented every day worldwide by the membership of the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE). 

Sharing of best practices is therefore a key tool enabling interested professionals and more importantly newcomers to the off-grid sector to use these lessons learnt directly and thereby to step up the learning curve more rapidly. As a result, everybody is best positioned to engage more effectively into implementation as well as into operations and management (O&M) of advanced clean energy solutions.

By displaying member solutions and  successful projects installed by ARE members we therefore aim to:

  • Demonstrate and to teach practitioners how to develop their own project(s) 
  • To improve awareness and visibility of the off-grid sector

This is elementary as more support from policy makers, financiers, donors and development organisations is needed with the objective to achieve SEforALL energy access objectives. 




Ling Ng

Communications & Marketing Officer

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Jens Jaeger

Policy & Business Development Officer

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