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Case study 1 January, 1970

Mascara Renewable Water – Renewable Powered Brackish Water Desalination (Mozambique)

Who, What & Where

  • Mascara Renewable Water

  • 6 solar powered brackish water desalination plants OSMOSUN®

  • Gaza Province, Mozambique

The Company

Mascara Renewable Water is a company specialised in innovative membranes water treatment solutions with the use of renewable energy.

The company developed the world's first reverse osmosis desalination technology coupled with PV solar energy, without battery nor grid regulation, to produce 10 – 5,000 m3 per day of fresh water at a competitive price to any remote location. 

The Challenge

Suppling fresh water to the remote and arid Province of Gaza, from the underground brackish water available through boreholes.

Renewable Solution

Mascara Renewable Water offered six solar powered desalination plants, in partnership with Vergnet Hydro, in charge of the small scale water storage and distribution system, and the local organization Afridev Mati, in charge of the operation and maintenance of the systems.

Project Financing and Costs

The project was funded by the Belgian Cooperation Agency Enabel.

Project Outcome

Over 7,200 people are not benefitting from the fresh water supply of the stand alone solar desalination units.

Next Steps

Further programmes for solar desalination installations are to be launched to address similar water challenges of other regions of Mozambique and Eastern Africa.