NexuS Energy is a decentralised renewable energy company dedicated to deploy and operate small scale energy solutions for communities through mini-grids, for off-grid industries through stand-alone solutions, and grid-connected solar PV and storage facilities, in frontier markets.

The company is currently developing a pipeline of projects mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean Islands, where the business development activities will take place.

These activities consist mainly in identifying small-scale off-grid opportunities of two kinds: bankable commercial and industrial projects and town or village mini-grids eligible to donor funded grants.

More information

Type of organisation

  • Renewable Energy Solution Provider

Rural electrification expertise

  • (D)ESCO
  • Engineering
  • Finance & Investment
  • Utility - Energy Sector

Off-grid system used

  • Grid-connected
  • Micro/Mini-grid
  • Stand-alone

RE-technology used

  • Battery / Energy Storage
  • Solar PV

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Claudio Pedretti