Arizona State University is a leading U.S. Center of Excellence in research and education that curates and advances innovations from idea to implementation. Global networks led by ASU reach over 100 countries and online workforce development programmes serve 40,000 people per year with needs-driven training.

The Laboratory for Energy And Power Solutions (LEAPS) leads international energy sector technical assistance within ASU including work with USAID, World Bank, USTDA, UNHCR, IREA, and others. LEAPS is a unique academic group that collaborates with private and public sector organisations to bring university innovations to communities for greater impact at scale. 

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Type of organisation

  • Academia/Research Institute

Rural electrification expertise

  • Advocacy
  • Capacity Building
  • Consultancy
  • Engineering
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Women Empowerment

Off-grid system used

  • Grid-connected
  • Micro/Mini-grid
  • Stand-alone

RE-technology used

  • Battery / Energy Storage
  • Inverters / Power Components
  • Solar PV

Based in

United States


Nathan Johnson
Director, LEAPS