The decentralized utility companies developing minigrids across Africa are at a crossroads. There is incredible demand and support at the international level for decentralized utilities to deliver productive power via minigrids yet most companies are struggling to get financing to build their first grid or to move beyond pilot phases even if they have good track records and teams. One of AMDA’s central mandates is to help address this financing challenge by building up the evidence base and market intelligence that donors and lenders need to better understand and trust the decentralized utility space with their capital.

AMDA’s second core mandate is to build up a more powerful and coherent industry voice for the decentralized utilities developing minigrids across Africa. To date, input from industry on the development of funds, policies, regulations and national energy plans has too often been piecemeal or lacking entirely. This is unacceptable for a sector that has repeatedly been shown to be the least cost option to bring power to potentially millions of rural communities. We are here to bring the needs of minigrid developers and operators to the table. Both at the international level through our core team and at the national level by the building out of national and regional AMDA chapters and representatives.

Please get in touch if you if you represent a company focused on scaling the sector that is already operating at least one minigrid complying with national regulatory requirements (see further requirements here), and are committed to representing the interests of our members to governments, financiers and donors.

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