About the Delegation of the European Union to Togo

The Delegation of the European Union to Togo has the mandate to, among others, ensure the representation of the European Union in Togo, encourage bilateral relations between the European Union and Togo in the political, economic, trade and cooperation fields, and manage the programs and projects financed by the European Union, in a coordinated way with the various partners. The European Union, through its institutions, has been present in Togo since its independence in 1960.

About the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Togo

The Ministry of Mines and Energy of Togo (MME) implements the State's policy on mining, hydrocarbons and energy and monitors the situation in collaboration with other relevant ministries and institutions. The Ministry of Mines and Energy is responsible for, among others, planning, organising, coordinating, controlling and developing all mining and energy activities, as well as to manage the State's mining and energy sectors, ensure the satisfaction of domestic demand, energy security and energy infrastructure, and promote the research and use of new and renewable energies.

About the GIZ

Under the mandate of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GIZ started its activities in Togo in 2013. The headquarter is located in the capital, Lomé. GIZ works with businesses, civil society actors and research institutions, fostering successful interaction between development policy and other policy fields and areas of activity. In cooperation with the development bank KfW, GIZ implements a programme in each priority area of Togo (Agriculture, Decentralisation and Vocational Education). Since 2017, two supplementary projects are implemented in Togo: The strengthening of the health system on the one hand, and rural electrification through renewable energies on the other.


Atelier Off-Grid B2B Togo

Aware of the enormous potential held by off-grid solutions to advance energy access in support of Togo’s 2030 Electrification Strategy, ARE co-organised, together with the Delegation of the European Union to Togo (EUD), the German Development Cooperation implemented by GIZ and the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Togo, a 1-day Atelier Off-Grid B2B Togo, on 12 June 2019 in Lomé.

The Atelier, which attracted more than 140 participants, aimed to bring together key players in the off- and mini- grid Togolese market. The workshop included national and international private sector representatives such as project developers, investors and technology providers, as well as public sector officials from the Government of Togo and local authorities, and international development partners.

Although Togo has recently experienced some improvement in the country’s energy access rate, the disparities between urban and rural areas remain acute, at a rate of 87% in big cities against 7% in rural areas in 2017 (AfDB, 2016).

With the aim of increasing visibility about the renewable energy business opportunities in the country and facilitating investments in local mini-grid and standalone projects, the event identified the best financing options and linked key players of the country’s energy sector with national and international off-grid experts, project developers and financiers.

With a production capacity that can cover 65% of its energy consumption, Togo relies on its neighbours to fill the energy gap. In order to reduce this dependence and to allow more Togolese especially in rural areas to access electricity, the government is actively engaged in setting ambitious national targets to increase the electrification rate to 50% by 2020 and 100% by 2030. This shift in political focus thus creates a strong momentum and increases the attractiveness of the Togolese market for Togolese and foreign companies.

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