About Swedfund

Swedfund is the Swedish state's development finance institution. Swedfund has previously made a number of investments in the renewable energy sector, including an investment in Husk Power systems, a company in the mini-grid renewable energy sector. Moreover, Swedfund has an increasing number of investment opportunities in this sector. It is therefore in the interest of Swedfund to support this nacsent industry with consumer protection principles that will mitigate risks on consumers as the industry grows. 


Consumer Protection Principles for Clean Energy Mini-Grids

According to the IEA Energy Access Outlook 2017, by 2030 mini-grids are expected as most cost-effective solution to deliver 71% of all new electricity connections in rural areas (where 84% out of the present 1.1 billion people without electricity live). 

In order to ensure long-term and sustainable provision of electricity via clean energy mini-grids in rural areas, define minimum standards for the rights of consumers as end-users and turn the mini-grid challenge into business opportunities, ARE together with a Steering Committee made up of Swedfund, African Mini-Grid Developers Association (AMDA) and Smart Power India are launching a new initiative to develop consumer protection principles for clean energy mini-grids.  The project is funded by Swedfund.

The project will build on a mix of quantitative (contextual analysis through desk research) and qualitative methods (interviews/ two type of questionnaires).

All stakeholders involved in the mini-grid sector are invited to participate in the initiative.


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