To support the political call to provide for universal clean, affordable and sustainable energy access ARE is building a sustainable decentralised renewable energy industry for the 21st century, activating markets for affordable energy services, and creating local jobs and inclusive economies.

Building on its unique position as the leading global voice for the clean energy off-grid sector, ARE established its 3-service lines concept in 2019 to allow for effective collaboration between private and public sector to make clean energy access a reality in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin-America-Caribbean by 2030.


    ARE Service Lines 

    The following challenges in the off-grid sector were identified:

    • Challenge 1: Lack of off-grid market information, data and transparency
    • Challenge 2: Lack of supportive policy frameworks
    • Challenge 3: Lack of interaction between market players inside & outside of local markets
    • Challenge 4: Lack of finance (both in terms of volume and design)
    • Challenge 5: Lack of capacity among market players

    ARE wishes to tackle these challenges by defending the industry’s interests and bringing its Members as sector leads and experts together in order to

    • (if market conditions allow for it) directly build business partnerships on existing business solutions via the ARE Service Line 1 ‘Market Intelligence & Business Services’ (B2B and B2F networking events); and/or
    • (if market conditions are not yet appropriate) create business enabling framework conditions for future innovations and business solutions via ARE Service Line 2 ‘Policy & Advocacy’.

    For ARE engagement with Partners and for ongoing ARE projects, please see list of Partners.

    On an individual Member level, ARE assists its Members amongst other services with visibility measures and profiling to directly support business to the extent requested (e.g. project proposals, partner search) via Service Line 3 ' Individual Support'.

    This ARE service line concepts builds on the results of a survey conducted amongst ARE Members in 2018/19 and adds to the following regular services outlined here:


    Service Line 1:
    Market Intelligence & Business Services

    Service Line 2:
    Policy & Advocacy

    Service Line 3:
    Individual Support

    Communications & Marketing

    • Weekly alert 
    • Procurement
    • Bi-monthly newsletter
    • Visibility measures
    • Media & public
    • Marketing & speaking slots
    • Event & exhibition discounts

    Policy & Business Development

    • In-country workshops B2B & B2F events
    • SME benchmarking
    • Market intelligence publication/toolkit
    • International conferences
    • In-country policy dialogue
    • Young leaders & entrepreneurs
    • Renewable energy association building
    • ARE connection to financiers & donors
    • Business delegations
    • Trainings to governments



    David Lecoque

    CEO ad interim

    +32 2 709 55 25

    Jens Jaeger

    Policy & Business Development Manager

    +32 2 709 55 42

    Ling Ng

    Communications & Marketing Manager

    +32 2 709 55 42

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