6 December, 2019 News

ARE Member Hydrobox wins EDF Pulse Africa award for most innovative off-grid electrification model

Paris, 21 Nov 2019 – The prestigious EDF Pulse Awards, brainchild the leading European utility group EDF, aims to recognise and support African Innovators in finding and developing home grown solutions to African energy challenges.

The 3rd edition of the EDF Pulse Africa awards was launched in May 2019 attracting applications from over 530 SME’s spanning 26 African countries. ARE Member Hydrobox was first shortlisted as one of nine finalist and ultimately took home the podium price for most innovative off-grid electricity production model.

Following an intense week of coaching in Paris, the process culminated in the Award ceremony on 21 November 2019. The jury was particularly convinced by Hydrobox’ model of standardised small hydro power, using an affordable and low environmental impact set-up whilst leveraging technology such as smart sensors & artificial intelligence for remote monitoring, predictive forecasting and ultimately remote control to create life changing societal impact.

For the residents of Muranga County Kenya, dismal electrification rates have resulted in half of the county’s residents living without access to electricity, despite the region being richly endowed in hydropower potential.

Through their local subsidiary Magiro Power, Hydrobox initially stepped in to solve this energy access challenge with a 71 kW pilot plant enabling the electrification of more 3,500 individuals and spurring economic development for 22 rural villages in Muranga County.

The team is currently scaling up their impact in collaboration with the Kenyan Government to produce 500 kW of additional power by 2021 and if the funding can be secured up to 1,500 kW by 2022 through affordable, reliable and sustainable access to energy for businesses and households in a county where agriculture is dominating the economy.


Source: https://www.edf.fr/en/edf/edf-announces-the-winners-of-the-3rd-edf-pulse-africa-competition