About the Africa-EU Energy Partnership

Structured as a long term framework for political dialogue and cooperation between Africa and the European Union (EU) the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) aims to bring access to modern and sustainable energy services to at least an additional 100 million Africans by 2020 through:

  • Further development of self-sustainable business models
  • Providing energy for basic services (health, education, water, communication)
  • Powering productive activities
  • Providing safe and sustainable energy services to households

The AEEP Energy Access Workstream (EA WS)

ARE is the custodian of the Energy Access Workstream initiated in April 2016, which has the mandate to:

  • Close the gaps between public, private, NGO and academic sector
  • Promote business and technology solutions to effectively tackle energy access
  • Raise public interest for clean energy access as a topic
  • Where necessary, contribute to the SE4All and SDG 7 processes on energy access

The working structure of the EA WS is as follows:

Concrete activities of the EA WS

  • Engaging stakeholders from public and private sector, NGOs and academia to feed into policy dialogue (e.g. national Dialogue events and AEEP Stakeholder Forum)
  • Keeping energy access high on the political agenda & raise awareness for the AEEP and its targets
  • Providing input to AEEP processes, meetings and dialogues, ad-hoc support to contribute to AEEP’s monitoring of Energy Access political target
  • Thematic studies on Best Practices & Key Recommendations

Project period:

2016 - 2017


David Lecoque


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