Country Power Market Brief: Djibouti

he market brief on Djibouti’s power sector was prepared by ARE and the EUEI-PDF in the context of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership Business Dialogue organised during the 29-30 May 2013 in Djibouti. The main purpose was to inform participants on the country’s power sector potential with a view to support dialogue between non-state and public actors. New market briefs on the power sector of other African countries will be prepared in the upcoming months.

The Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) is one of the eight strategic partnerships comprising the Africa-EU Joint Strategy. Under this partnership of equals, the two continents share their knowhow and resources, tune their complementary interests and closely link their policies to meet the energy challenge hand in hand. The EUEI-PDF plays the role of the Secretariat of the initiative and ARE is focal point for the industry.

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