ARE Energy Access Investment Summit: Key Recommendations

Participants of the ARE Energy Access Investment Summit (Lisbon, 22 March 2017) had the chance to deepen their understanding of current policy frameworks, financial trends and technical support tools available and how to best use them. The Summit was attended by over 300 representatives from more than 40 countries worldwide from the international public and private sector, including high-level institutions, financiers, technical support and solution providers as well as project developers.

The discussions gave rise to eight key recommendations :

  1. Encourage multi-stakeholder partnerships between the private and public sector, financiers as well as other relevant stakeholders in the sustainable energy sector.
  2. Support governments in developing countries to implement clear policy frameworks, including sustainable tariff structures, standardised IPP agreements, transparency on grid extension plans, accessible data on local communities and local financing facilities.
  3. Mobilise more investment in education, research, development focused on decentralised renewable energy.
  4. Empower women in the sustainable energy sector as key change agents to achieve SEforAll objectives.
  5. Empower youth in the sustainable energy sector as key change agents to achieve SEforAll objectives.
  6. Develop attractive, as well as innovative financing mixes by bringing together different financial partners, and strong investment structures to derisk investments, make it easier to invest over time, and attract more investors to the sector.
  7. Develop and promote matchmaking as well as knowledge sharing tools, e.g. through business associations and/or national and regional platforms, to consolidate the market, and to close the gap between the various actors.
  8. Consider community involvement and multiplier effects when developing decentralised renewable energy business and projects.
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