Annual Report 2018

During its General Assembly in Catania on 12 March 2018, the Membership of ARE adopted the revised ARE Strategy prepared and presented by the ARE Board to better meet and tackle the present needs of the clean off-grid sector. ARE was created over 10 years ago with the objective to help build a sector and has performed admirably in building up support and legitimacy in distributed renewables energies. Now that this legitimacy and an initial upswing in funding has been realised, the sector is evolving from a “why” to a “how” phase.

To support ARE Members more effectively in their way to make clean energy access happen in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin-America/Caribbean, the Secretariat has been very active during last year. While the Annual Report itself will give more comprehensive insights into the activities per newly-established workstream and per department, the report highlights a few achievements of major importance:

Building on our aim to build a sustainable decentralised renewable energy industry for the 21st century, to activate markets for affordable energy services, and to create local jobs and inclusive economies ARE (co)organised 18 events - leading from fora and conferences to workshops and trainings - in 15 different countries worldwide with more than 3,000 participants in total. For two-third of the events, experts came together directly in the mentioned target regions where energy access remains a crucial challenge which can be addressed through B2B and B2F support. While both, the quality and quantity of events, as well as their regional spread, could be increased by the ARE team, the association had to face a decline in Membership for the first time in the last six years. Reason being that companies working hard for SEforALL and SDG targets would like to see better and more tailored support. Non-profits like ARE, which only receive a third of their funding from Membership fees to keep the threshold as low as possible, would strongly benefit from funding support for core activities (instead of only project-linked funding) to improve their skills and services, and thus better serve the market.

PDF icon 2020-04-06 - Annual Report 2018 Final.pdf