Who, What & Where

  • Organisation: Solarland (Wuxi) Electronic Power Technology Ltd.

  • Solar street lights projects in West Africa

  • Cotonou, Benin/Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

  • Completed between 2014–2016

The Company

Solarland is dedicated to bringing solar light and power solutions to over 1.6 billion people with no access to an effective power/light source. Working with global corporations and cooperating with various humanitarian organisations, Solarland has developed innovative, effective products and solutions meeting different needs in specific parts of the world. Solarland lighting and power solutions have been successfully implemented all around the world.

The Challenge

Cotonou is a city by the sea, so an increase in the zinc coating thickness had to be considered. The weather in Burkina Faso is very hot, so focus was put on heat insulation in the system design, which is why the high temperature resistant battery was used to ensure the system life. How to best consider all the local conditions was thus a challenge.

Renewable Solution

Solar Street Light is an important energy saving product, not only because of its capacity for solar energy conversion, but also because it is equipped with a LED light source, which increases environmental benefits.

Project Outcome

In Cotonou and Ouagadougou, 80% of roads don’t have street lights. Since the installation of solar street lights, the dark roads are lit up and the roads are crowded with people and cars in the evening. Vendors gathered under the street lights to do business, the road turned into a commercial street.


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