Who, What & Where

  • Sinexcel

  • 50kw inverter with PV 60kwp, battery 160kwh.

  • Myanmar

The Company

Sinexcel is international company expert in inverters and microgrid solutions. Sinexcel has already created more than 300MW-worth energy storage solutions for the world since 2010. 

The Challenge

Currently, there are many villages in Myanmar without a good power supply, some sites using diesel, while others have no access to electricity.

Renewable Solution

System block microgrid combined with the most advanced Sinexcel modular design inverter technology: Alpha ESS Battery, EVE battery cell, and an IP54 design container solution. The container is combined with an air-conditioning, fire extinguishing system. This is a 60 kWp PV-Diesel hybrid system with 50 kW inverter and 160 kWh of battery back-up. The system generates energy during the day and the energy is consumed by the load directly. The extra energy produced after the load consumption is stored in the battery bank. Low sunshine days result in low energy generation during which, the battery bank together with the PV panels provide the required energy needed for the load. Post sunshine hours are covered by the battery bank and if/when the battery back-up runs out, the diesel generator supports the load independently.

Project Outcome

The system is stable and reliable when working with PV, battery and diesel generator.

Thanks to Sinexcel’s modular design technology, as well 10-year micro-grid battery storage experience, the PV system works out as a perfect solution for local communities.

Next Steps

Customers will likely increase their electric load once they have power.