Who, What & Where

  • Resolve Capacity
  • 50 kW - 100 kW grid-tied modular (drop-in) mini-grid
  • Malawi

The Company

Resolve Capacity specialises in the turn-key engineering, procurement, logistics, deployment and support of micro-grid and standalone Solar PV and Energy Storage systems for critical key-point government infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, health centers, social security infrastructure, refugee camps, border posts, etc.

The Challenge

Malawi's public healthcare network often suffers from poor quality, or intermittent supply of electricity.

Renewable Solution

50 kW and 100 kW modular (drop-in) mini-grids were deployed to protect vulnerable sites (pediatric wards and operating theatre) and key temperature-sensitive infrastructure (laboratory specimens).

Project Outcome

Successful deployment.


Jan van Rooyen

+27 83 677 7755