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The Company

Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Limited (RREL) is a leading solar home systems (SHS) integrator and installer with over 600,000 customers and was a key player in the largest pay-to-own rural SHS rollout in over four million homes in Bangladesh. RREL has also started a global footprint initiative with PV panel and SHS exports. The company employs over 4,000 people with extensive rural services and sells networks for access to energy using an online/ERP and SMART phone based system.

The Challenge

SHS ranging from 20 Wp to 130 Wp were introduced in Bangladesh as a means to provide energy, and to improve quality of life, education, and income generation capabilities of rural population. In case of credit sales, 10% of system price are collected as down payment and the remaining amounts on equal monthly instalments over 36 months. However, it has been observed that sales and collection efficiency reports along with other financial statements contain significant errors due to manual reporting hindering the smooth implementation of the programme. To solve this challenge, an automated business process with payment control is required.

Opportunities for Renewables

Today the global renewable energy market is expanding massively. The effect is becoming imminent in all African countries and its renewable energy market as well. As a result, Rahimafrooz has come up with its innovation of SMART 3E Platform and SMART SHS technologies to optimise the immense potential of the African market.

Renewable Solution

With a focus on Energy, Empower, Enterprise, 3E brings together technology and connectivity to a single platform. The rapidly rising demand for energy and the modality of energy consumption for both households and commercial, have channelled Rahimafrooz Solar into designing and releasing next generation Smart Solar solutions with mobile wallet and internet connection using online/ERP and smart phone based systems including remote monitoring and control. The control device ensures the systems work only for the period the payment has been made for. Workforce uses SMART phone ERP and mobile wallet based systems that provides complete rural coverage and hence customers get the service at their door step.

Project Financing and Costs

The project cost was approx. 20,000,000 BDT (equivalent 250,000 USD) and was financed by an internal resource. The project was executed with the “Pay-to-own model” in which the customers get system ownership within 12 to 36 months. Overseas technical consultancy was sourced for this purpose.

Project Outcome

The 3E platform connects and integrates customers, product/Solution providers, Green Finance Instruments and the Enterprising Village based Solar Promoters with a special focus on Women Enterprise Development Opportunity (WE DO). This seamless fully monitored, controlled, result oriented platform and system can be exported and replicated in the off-grid market in Africa. This innovative 3E platform will help create large commercialisation of access to energy opportunity, green jobs to green entrepreneurs and a complete eco system to uplift remote rural communities in overall emancipation in African countries.


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