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The Company

Plug the Sun designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates the most innovative solar off-grid solutions to improve access to electricity all around the world. 

Plug the Sun is the next generation of portable solar power kits, solar home systems and mini-grids suitable for your room, house, workshop and community. Thanks to propriety technology, all Plug the Sun products feature high density power electronics and smart energy management systems to achieve the best reliability and performace for our customers' power needs. 

Plug the Sun systems can also be tailored according to your unique needs; they truly are the complete home and village solar power solution. We can offer 'turn-key' assistance, overseeing 360° of the project implementation from start to finish, integrating the most advanced technologies, providing quality installations and maximum technical reliability.

The Challenge

The users who will benefit from the project are all low income. These users will be provided with a basic electrical service aimed at lighting and communication. In addition to the material benefits, it is expected that there will be a considerable improvement in the quality of life of these populations and a positive impact on education, productivity and social development.

Opportunities for Renewables

The Argentinian program “Project for Renewable Energy in Rural Markets” (PERMER) is an ambitious program to bring green energy in far rural areas of the south american country, launched in the late 90’s, when still 2.5 million people were without electricity service in rural areas. In this context Plug the Sun has been awarded with an important Off Grid tender issued by the Ministerio de Energía y Minería. Plug the Sun won on the basis of being the most competitive both under technical and financial point of view. This tender is backed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a World’s Bank institution, granting a solid loan in order to guarantee the overall project.

Renewable Solution

As a result, the project involving Plug The Sun is going to bring green and off grid energy to 30,000 people living in rural areas of 8 provinces (Salta, Tucuman, Corrientes, Rio Negro, San Juan Y Santa Cruz, Neuquén, Chaco) thanks to 8,500 off grid solar kits with a peak power ranging between 200 to 300 Wp depending on the installation batch and the required delivery of power into DC (direct current) or AC (alternating current).

An easy and cost effective solution bringing energy without huge infrastructures and investments and, at the same time, respecting the local environment and giving new opportunities also to small business activities.

Project Outcome

In the next months 30.000 people in the rural areas are going to be new electric power users thanks to a governmental project and to Plug The Sun solar solutions.

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