Who, What & Where

  • Ossi Yeto

  • Hydroelectric power plant of 1.2 MW

  • Chibia, Angola

The Company

Ossi Yeto is the company of Mitrelli responsible for promoting projects in the energy sector. The company has consolidated competences within several domains, in the development, construction and maintenance of energy assets.

Renewable Solution

This project consists in the construction of a mini hydroelectric power plant of 1.2 MW - two units, in Gangelas dam and the execution of a 15 KV overhead transmission line of 5.5 km from the power plant to the watering pumping station.

Project Outcome

The project of Gangelas started in April 2013 and was concluded in August 2015, for the Ministry of Agriculture of Angola.

The main purpose of this hydroelectric power plant is to produce energy even during the dry season, putting into operation the pumping system when the irrigation is required.